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Annabelle: The Story Behind


2-6 players

80 min

From €10 per person

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You are Hollywood film producers. You have heard the urban legend of a haunted doll in a house in Santa Monica, California. Families and couples have passed through this house, none of them knowing, in advance, of the doll's activities.

Each of them, after some time, would leave the house, unable to cope with the paranormal activity of the doll, which remains in place. Seeking experiences, stimuli, and the real story behind Annabelle, you visit the infamous house, which has long been left unoccupied due to rumors that have spread everywhere. Your goal is to make a film...

You enter the house and realize that what you've heard is not only accurate, but you discover even more frightening things. The door suddenly closes behind you and the adventure begins. You have 90 minutes to escape from a house full of paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

Warning: evil will only be purified when you uncover every piece of Annabelle's true story and manage to remove her haunted pendant.

Game Options:

- Non-Performance: Kids / Family - Friendly | No Spooky Mode

- Double Performance:

- Quadruple Performance: Are you ready to face Annabelle, the father-killer, the priest, and Wednesday the psychic?

The room is divided into two days, Investigation Day 1 & Investigation Day 2

Please note in the comments of the booking your options for:

- Game with actors or without.

- Investigation Day 1 or Day 2.

Write your choice (if you want with or without performance and the dates for Investigation Day 1 & Investigation Day 2) in the comments of the booking or contact us at +30 2271 301700

*Comfortable clothing is recommended, has low passages, climbing, strobe lighting, and smoke.

All rooms can be played without performance in non-horror mode.

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