Time Machine

Stuck in a space-time of Albert's machine. Will you manage to escape?

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6 άτομα

Albert Mindstein who is a good friend of ours has invited us today to his office, because he leaves for a trip, as he said, and wants to say goodbye. Once we arrived at his office we realized that Albert has been vanished. All his personal belongings are here, even his luggages, all seems to be in correct place, but he is nowhere. As if this was not enough, suddenly the door locks and all security systems that he has set up in his office to prevent intruders and uninvited guests, are being activated! This is certainly not good! The time machine from Albert sends you to a different period from which you have to return before it is too late and trapped there forever! In this room the riddles will show you the way to turn back to time and return to reality within an hour. Time is your biggest weapon! Use it and live unforgettable moments with your friends.

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