What is The MindTrap?

The MindTrap is the largest live escape game in Europe. Our first rooms begun in Thessaloniki, in September 2014 and we have expanded our fun world in 10 more branches all around Greece eversince. By early 2017, The MindTrap will be found outside Greece as well, constantly creating fresh and original escape worlds!

What exactly is escape rooms?

Our rooms are specially modified spaces, based on a specific theme/scenario. The decoration is unique and breathtaking. Inside, a group of 2-6 persons is getting locked and they have to find all the clues, solve all the riddles, open hidden doors and operate weird constructions and mechanisms that keep the door locked. The time runs and the team has to escape!

Do I need to wear anything specific, have a specific knowledge or capability in order to play? Can kids participate?

Our rooms are appropriate for all ages (excluding horror-themed rooms) and everyone who wants a different and fun experience, without any specific knowledge. You won't need to wear anything special, comfortable clothes are always preferable though!

What does "performance included" mean? What exactly do actors do inside the rooms?

The MindTrap rooms offer an outstanding, fun and interactive experience. In addition to this unique experience, many of our rooms include a unique and breathtaking performance by professional actors. Sometimes the performers are there to help the escape, sometimes their role is to prevent the teams from doing so, while other times they are there to scare the hell out of the teams... Will you manage to make them your friends... or escape from their hands?

Are there any packages offered?

In our worlds you have the chance to plan birthday parties, Team Building events, batchelor parties, or even wedding proposals. Our spaces are available as locations for photoshooting and video shooting upon request.

Can I play on my own?

Our rooms are being played by already arranged teams of 2-6 persons.

Which are the ways of payment?

You can pay at our reception either by cash or credit/debit card.

Can I come and play without a reservation?

In order to play at our rooms you must have a reservation made, either by phone or through our website. In any case, you can update on the availabilities through the website or by phone.

What happens if my team has more than 6 members?

Our rooms are specially constructed for teams until 6 members, for safety reasons and for enjoying the whole experience better. Therefore, the best way for a large group to play, is to book two different rooms and play simultaneously!

I read that some rooms are not available for adults or people over 16 only.

Some of our rooms are scarier than the others! Therefore we don't allow younger people to participate!

I suffer from claustrophobia and I am not sure that I will make it. Can I leave the room if I feel I have to?

Our rooms won't cause such kind of phobias. Though, if you feel uncomfortable or distressed, you can push the Panic Button and leave the room. Look out though, because once you leave the room there is no turning back inside!

Can I take notes or pictures?

Our rooms are unique and secret, so taking notes or pictures/video is not allowed! You are free to answer any incoming call at your phone though!