Kids Party

The largest escape room can be transformed to the absolute birthday party for your kids! Over 1000 kids have celebrated their birthdays here. Parents have a great opportunity to provide a unique birthday memory to kids and their friends! Our kids friendly rooms offer fun while our little detectives can explore lost kingdoms, jungles, magic schools, impressive museums, hidden treasures, spaceships, jungles and many more!!

There is a variety of options for group packages upon request. Feel free to contact us via e-mail: or by phone: +302310254438

Kids Party

Team Building Events

Team Building activities inspire a group of colleagues to interact through a fun and alternative outdoor activity! Team Building events offer realistic experiences and motivate people to work as a group in order to achieve a goal. It is considered to be the best work related activity through fun and adventure!

Reasons to plan a Team Building Event at The MindTrap

  • Communication: Discussion an opinion exchanging in order to solve the riddles is highly encouraged.

  • Motivation: The more comfortable the employees feel to express themselves in a game, the more confident they feel in overall. This makes them eager to take up new challenges!

  • Cooperation: Successful team activities not only bring the employees closer, but also push them to successful and creative work ideas and solutions.

  • Leadership skills: Through competition and interaction the productivity tends to rise. People who are natural born leaders will show their charisma vividly in such a game!

  • Productivity: Having completed an out-of the office-target, employees can understand the capabilities, weaknesses and interests of their colleagues better!

  • Creativity: When a group of people are put in a small space, and given a specific target, they will try to reach this target. In order to achieve this, they will think outside the box coming up with fresh ideas!

  • Capabilities: Through an amusing and interactive game, some quality values of the group will show up distinctively: Their limits, boundaries, creativity, strengths and weaknesses as a group will be clearly depicted through the game!

  • Team Bonding: Communication and socialization between colleagues is one of the very best ways to enhance productivity at work!

  • Problem Solving: When a group is trying to solve a problem/riddle through a fun and amusing activity, then it is equally ready to face and solve problems at work!

  • Limits: Team Building events do increase the trust factor among employees, as there is usually a gap between staff and owners/managers. Such activities offer to the leadership the chance to look equal among equals!

Team Building Events

Some of the companies who chose to escape from the rooms of The MindTrap:

Adidas   BMW   British Embassy Athens   IKEA   MasterCard   Nike   Nivea   ΟΠΑΠ   Τράπεζα Πειραιώς   Socialab   TGI Friday's  

To make a booking, contact us by email at: or give us a call at: +30 2310 254438

The Box Mobile Room

The Box is the first and only mobile room in Greece! 10 similar mini-escape rooms. 10 teams. Up to 70 players. The clock starts counting down for all the teams. Which team will be the fastest? Which team will manage, under the time pressure and the heavy competition to solve its mini-room first?

This mobile room is the perfect option for those seeking to include something fun and unique to their event, all across Greece. The Box has already played in Thessaloniki Helexpo 2015 and 2016, in major central squares of Thessaloniki, Athens, Ioannina, Larissa, as well as many corporate events in hotels and outdoor venues. Feel free to contact us at: 2310 254438 for any additional information or booking!

The Box Mobile Room